A Natalia da Colômbia ganha US $ 50.000 em Powerball!

Foi um bom dia realmente para Natalia Echavarría, uma mãe que fica em casa com uma filha de 11 anos from Colombia. She received an exciting phone call from one of our customer service representatives. “Did you receive an email from LottoSmile this morning?” he asked her.

When Natalia said she had yet to check her emails, she was informed that she had won third prize in the previous night’s US Powerball draw - $50,000 (before taxes).

“I can’t believe it!”

The numbers on the third line of Natalia's ticket for the draw of 2 December 2017 were: 28 30 32 36 56 and the additional Powerball number was 6.

The numbers chosen in the draw were: 28 30 32 36 58 and the Powerball number was 6.

“What a thrill!” Natalia exclaimed repeatedly. Natalia, who is an interior designer by profession and loves ballet, happens to be very lucky when she plays the lottery!

Natalia's winning Powerball ticket

Natalia was just one number away from winning the Powerball's $190 million jackpot!

She said that her selection of the winning numbers on her ticket "was luck, yes luck".

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Playing the Lottery Online with Someone She Could Trust

Natalia has been buying lottery tickets online at LottoSmile since 2014. Why did she start playing with us?

"The truth is that I was looking for a site that I could trust. A site that was reliable, which gave me confidence.”

“Do you have any plans how to use your prize money?”

"Not at the moment," she said. "I have not thought about it."

Natalia said she was “happy, very happy” with her Powerball prize.

Natalia seems to be a very lucky name here at LottoSmile! Just a short time ago, Nataliia from Ukraine won a $1 million Mega Millions prize. Perhaps next time, one of our lucky Natalias will win the jackpot!

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