Pontuações internacionais de sindicato Oz Lotto vitória!

Vinte e dois (22) de nossos jogadores de todo o mundo compraram ações em um Oz Australian Lotto Draw E juntos eles marcaram um impressionante prêmio da Divisão Dois!

O Syndicate Oz Lotto estava apenas um número aquém da conquista do jackpot AU $ 50 milhões em disputa no sorteio!

Oz Lotto vence pelos números

Loteria: Oz Lotto

Data: 31 de julho de 2018

Desenho #: 1276

Os números vencedores: 1 7 10 13 25 26 40

Números suplementares: 31 38

Número de jogadores no sindicato vencedor: 22

Número de linhas jogadas: 60

A quarta linha do ingresso do Syndicate Oz Lotto: 1 7 10 13 25 31 40

Prize won: AU$24,937.50 ($18,476.14 )

Oz Lotto syndicate win

By matching 6 main numbers and a supplementary number, the syndicate was entitled to Oz Lotto’s 6+1 Division Two prize. It turned out that the syndicate’s ticket was the sole winner of that prize, while there were no winners of the jackpot in the draw. To win the Oz Lotto jackpot, you need to match all 7 numbers chosen from a 1-45 guess range.

Syndicate Winners from Across the Globe

Oz Lotto syndicate win

The 22 winners of the Oz Lotto prize come from 19 different countries, with every continent on the globe represented except for South America and Antarctica. The winning players are from Canada (2); Russia (2); Ukraine (2); and one each from Australia; China; Finland; France; Germany; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Italy; Lithuania; Malaysia; Malta; Mauritius; New Zealand; Romania; and Thailand. Some of the players are veterans at LottoSmile while others have only joined in the last few weeks.

The syndicate’s prize was divided equally among the winners. Each winning player received a prize of AU$1,133.52. It’s important to remember that like all Australian lotteries, prizes in the Oz Lotto are paid out tax free.

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